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APSL approved Lusitano stallion Xodo HI was bred by Haras Iannoni in Brazil. He was imported to the US as a young horse, where he began dressage training. He has mix of Andrade and Veiga lines, exemplifying the courage and athleticism of the Lusitano breed.

The Andrades are tall, powerful saddle horses, with a rounded croup, nearly straight head profile, very functional,

with elegant gaits, excellent for bullfighting, dressage and work. Perhaps the most effective description of the Andrade bloodline comes from the breeder himself.


Ruy d'Andrade: "They are short strong horses, valiant with the bulls, changing from calm to ardent if spurred and from ardent to obedient if left in peace; fast when running and rapid on turns; with good walk, sensible to the spurs, submissive with good mouth, endless strength in everything."

Xodo has an excellent temperament and is safe for most any rider, even though he is a breeding stallion. He remains very sound, even after years of performance work, and currently showing Prix St George dressage. We welcome visitors, so that you may see his generous character in person.

2023 Breeding Fees:

$1200 with LFG, 10% discount for second mare

$450 per dose, no LFG

Currently only available via fresh cooled semen. Collection and shipping arranged through Desert Pines Equine Clinic. 

Breeding contract: CLICK HERE

Semen Request form: CLICK HERE

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